Fine Art School Portraits


What Is Fine Art School Portraiture?

This is a modern approach to school portraiture, with a simple and classic look, celebrating each and every student without forcing smiles or strange backgrounds.

My goal is to capture the essence of each child I photograph, and to create an environment where they can relax and be themselves.

I provide a personal and custom experience for your families, providing excellent service as I only photograph a few schools each year. I want to provide a personalized experience for your school, tailored to your needs, and to make the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible for everyone.


How Does It Work?

Before the Photography Day:

1. We meet to decide on location and time for your photo session, and sign the contract agreement.

2. I will visit your school and select the best location with natural light.

3. I provide a parent letter to send home to help prepare them for the photo day.

4. You will choose a gray or black background for picture day.

5. You provide a roster of student names at least 1 month prior to our session, as I create cards with student names on them to ensure that I get the correct child name for creating their gallery.

6. I handle any parent questions regarding the process, ordering, and products.


School Picture Day!

1. I provide all photographic equipment, and arrive early to set up in the pre-selected location.

2. I will need a parent/teacher assistant to bring children in and to make them feel more comfortable with someone they know helping out.

3. I create a warm and fun environment, and I encourage children to be themselves, rather than trying to force a fake smile.

4. We will create class or school group pictures, as you desire.


Ordering Prints

I will create 2-5 different fully-edited images and present these in a password-protected online gallery for your school. Each image is presented in both Color and Black and White versions.

Parents CHOOSE which images they want to order, rather than having a single image chosen for them.

Parents will have 1 week to order via the online gallery. There are no forms or money for you to distribute and collect. My packages are competitive, and I offer a variety of add-on products to meet parent needs.

Once the order period is closed, I will have the entire order printed, and will deliver them to you, organized by student and class (If you provide that information, I'm happy to make distribution to students easier in this way!)

10% of profits donated back to your school!